And even if he was trying to go for game lore

The only battles I remember her being in were the ones in Sodden and the rivian pogrom. And even if he was trying to go for game lore, Yen was still helping out Geralt to find Ciri not to mention in the beginning and in Skellige, had put a huge ass shield around Kaer Morhen when it was attacked (which probably drained the fuck out of her). Mentions the other sorceresses after a certain event, saves Rita, then later sends a letter to Emhyr and frees Fringilla (the woman who stole Geralt’s memories and fucked him for months while she was being held prisoner) then helps fight against the wild hunt a second time.

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cheap canada goose uk Google provides a pretty good system for keeping bots out, though they also get a lot of valuable data in return. For the most part I would say that it a nice tradeoff in exchange for free security, particularly since (as far as I know) none of the data they collecting through their captchas is personal. Ironically though, the captchas are designed to keep out AI, but Google is using them to develop stronger AI that could theoretically beat their own captchas cheap canada goose uk.

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