However I definitely agree that there needs to be a much

I don necessarily agree that all drugs should be so heavily criminalized, especially the safer ones that should be legalized to reduce criminal activity and I would be interested to see if reducing the punishment for possession vs dealing would have an effect. However I definitely agree that there needs to be a much greater and far wore punishment for sexual violence vs drugs. For prespective, 33% of Canadians smoked weed in the past year, while only 0.3% of Koreans did.

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canada goose clearance Still adjusting to mine. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy 3.5 years ago and after gaining weight I now have sleep apnea as well. I am preparing for bariatric surgery now but I was so excited to get my machine. Apparently this woman was organizing an event and wanted multiple bags of different colored m We had one of those big m dispenser machines that holds 10+ different colors and people could mix and match colors or just get a bunch of a certain color.After declining my offer to help, I went back behind the counter to continue my tasks. Not even 2 minutes later I saw her eating m by the palmful while browsing other parts of the store. Me will be myself, MML will be m lady.Me: Ma’m if you could wait till those are paid for before you eat them, we’d really appreciate it.MML: I mean, I’m buying like $30 worth?Me: I understand and I’d be happy to ring you up now so you can continue snacking, it’s just that it’s technically stealing if you’re eating candy you haven’t paid for.MML: scoffs I highly doubt anyone would see this as stealing.At this point I turned around and went back to what I was doing canada goose clearance.

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